Fruxo par Les Vitaliments Coloniaux, Indochine, 1921.

Fruxo by Les Vitaliments Coloniaux, Indochina, 1921.

"Advertisement in L'Intransigeant , March 10, 1926"

Founded on December 29, 1921 in Indochina, the purpose of the Colonial Vitaliments company is to exploit food raw materials, particularly nitrogenous products obtained by the Effron and Boidin processes (peptone, starch, magnesia lactate and plant phosphates).

With a factory built in Hanoi, and factories built by the Distilleries de l'Indochine company and in particular in the one built in Cholon in Cochinchina, Les Vitaliments Coloniaux are starting to sell.

In October 1929, mention is made of "Fruxo" products at the Culinary and Gastronomic Exhibition in Frankfurt am Main.

"Frankfurt's five-year Culinary and Gastronomic Exhibition always enjoys considerable success in Germany, so it is an excellent center of propaganda for Indochinese food productions. The main importing companies of the Colony were invited to lend their assistance."

On sale here .

( The Progress of the Côte-d'Or , November 13, 1929 )
The official procession, during the inauguration visit, stopped for a long time
in front of the Indo-China pavilion where the Society of " Colonial Vitaliments » presents, in free tasting, his « Fruxo » already widespread ; it is the ideal morning breakfast, with ripe fruit, and the most powerful of the selected superfoods.
The director of this company kindly explained that the " Fruxo was a novel food, made up of very fine cocoa, cereal germs, sugar and, finally, powdered ripe fruit, in particular apples and bananas from Indo-China processed on site, in vast model factories, and following a special patented process. He particularly insisted on the fact that bananas picked green and dried in the sun (as they are generally used in the manufacture of banana flour) cannot have the same nutritious and refreshing properties, nor the same flavor as those which are picked ripe for the production of Fruxo ".
Recently, the Academy of Medicine received communication of a report on the remarkable results obtained in the treatment of anemia by the use of ripe fruit juice. This is an important point to remember, because it goes without saying that the " Fruxo » with ripe fruit, superfood very rich in vitamins, also has indisputable laxative properties, precisely because of its composition : and, moreover, thanks to the delicious fragrance and aroma of a high-class cocoa, the " Fruxo is a real treat.
Also, it is necessary to congratulate the French industrialists who, the first, applied in the domain convenient them theories scientists of hygiene eating. Modern man , with an overworked organism, must be able easily, in his diet, to make a large part of ripe fruits, elements that are both tonic and refreshing. ; therefore what could be healthier, more pleasant and simpler than to have lunch every morning at the " Fruxo ".
We also note with satisfaction that the " Fruxo » is currently for sale in all them good houses feeding, grocery stores, drugstores,
herbalists and pharmacies in our town."

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