Manoah Rhodes and sons stamp

Manoah Rhodes & Sons Ltd., England, 1836.

Manoah Rhodes & Sons Ltd. - silversmith, watchmaker and jeweler Manoah Rhodes was founded in Bradford, Yorkshire in 1836.

Thomas Ackroyed Rhodes was appointed managing director in 1888. Manufacturer of gold and silver watches, jewelery and silverware.

The business has become one of the largest jewelers in the north of England. Manoah Rhodes died in March 1881 and in 1888 the business spun off into a limited company known as Manoah Rhodes & Sons Ltd.

Other Associated Names: Ackroyd Rhodes & Manoah Rhodes & Sons, Jehoiada Alsop Rhodes & Barber Mark Sterling MR (in joint circles) registered in Sheffield and London.

The company also had a sterling mark AR (Ackroyd Rhodes) registered in Sheffield and London. AMR (Ackroyd Manoah Rhodes).



On our shop, a pique-fleur comes from this factory, here are the photos:

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