Poudres Kafa, Pharmacie Principale, 1912, Genève.

Kafa powders, Principal Pharmacy, 1912, Geneva.

CP Powders KAFA

"Produced by the Principal Pharmacy of Geneva, Kafa Powders were a very popular analgesic in the first half of the 20th century. Its active ingredient, phenacetin, was banned from 1983 because it was nephrotoxic, and replaced by paracetamol."

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"Since its foundation in 1912 by the Toledo and Mori families, the Principal Pharmacy (PP) has been innovating, reinventing its core business – pharmacy – and diversifying to better meet the expectations and needs of Genevans in terms of health.



Everyone knows the famous accounts of apothecaries. These are very complicated calculations, which aim to set the price according to the customer's head! The simple but revolutionary idea of the founders of PP was to make this calculation transparent, in order to make everyone pay an equivalent price for the same product, by making it depend on the cost of raw materials and labor, and not of the estimate of the financial capacity of the client. This concept, avant-garde for the time and little appreciated by competitors who considered this approach to be "discount", enabled the Principal Pharmacy to achieve significant development, including outside the borders of Geneva, thanks to its catalog distributed throughout Switzerland.

Over time, in keeping with the philosophy of the founders and to take account of customer demands, the 2 nd generation of PP has gradually added new activities to the basic business to complete the original offer.

This resulted in particular in the creation, after the Second World War, of the Pharmap company, a company supplying doctors throughout Switzerland with medical equipment and medicines, in particular those which were to revolutionize medicine: antibiotics. "




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