Our products

The products that we sell on our online store, exclusively, include all kinds of old boxes dating from the 19th century to the 1980s.

You will also find under the heading Other Nuggets, other vintage objects which present a certain interest.

On the online store, you can search for a category or a product theme from the search bar (magnifying glass at the top left) by typing for example "chocolate box", "60s", "yellow box", " glass box", "large box", etc...

The description of each product is accompanied by several photos of the product from all angles. A photo is included with a BIC ballpoint pen (15 cm), a common object that we all know, to better understand the size of the object. If this photo is not present or if you wish to have more information about an object, do not hesitate to contact us before ordering, through our contact form located in the bottom menu of "Information" page.

Our products are all carefully cleaned as far as possible.
Their price includes their cleaning and depends on their condition and rarity.

They will be delivered to you within 3 working days in Switzerland, carefully packaged.