Artemix Design

Artemix Design was born in Geneva in 2011.

After meeting you in our Eaux-Vives store in Geneva, the sale of products is now only online through the store at:

You can contact us using our Contact form for any questions.


Passionate about finding hidden forgotten treasures, Artemix has been offering you vintage objects for more than 10 years, ready to be welcomed into your home for a new life!

The online store offers a varied selection of original decorative objects, often unique and sometimes redesigned.

We have always tried to keep them at reasonable prices vis-à-vis the competition in order to guarantee their access to as many people as possible.

In addition to decorative objects, we also focus on old boxes.

The specialization on this object responds to different reasons. Being able to store will make your interior an airy space without "stuff" lying around on the coffee table in the living room, the console in the entrance hall or even the bedside table.

Adapt the box to your interior: want it to blend in with the decor? take a wooden box that you put on a pedestal table or the wooden coffee table. Prefer it to bring color instead? choose a vintage advertising iron box with bright colors and Art Deco graphics for your kitchen!

Because beyond the usefulness of a box, their design often makes them objects to contemplate, even to collect, making your interior unique.

So whether it's for you or a loved one, treat yourself or treat yourself by combining business with pleasure!


Some examples of use:

> in the entrance: keys, pens, glasses, gloves, hats, etc...

> in the living room: numerous remote controls, glasses, matches and other lighters, why not the ashtray (still empty!), chocolates and other sweets, etc...

> in the bathroom: glass or porcelain box preferably!, cottons, cotton swabs, make-up, etc...

> in the office: pen, office equipment: staplers, paper clips, wires, etc...


Good shopping! And do not hesitate to talk about this shop around you!

See you soon on Artemix Design!